Tiny's Tavern

"I'll let ye go in and check this out for yerself. Tiny an' me's not on the best of terms."

🍺 You enter the Tavern and are amazed by the size of the barkeep - he must stand over seven feet tall. His appearance - and abnormal height - lead you to believe that human blood is not the only type flowing through his veins. He finishes drying a flagon, places it with several others, and makes an adjustment to the sword hanging above his mantle. He then turns toward you and speaks.

"New customer, huh? OK, here's the rules, and I'm only gonna tell ya once, punk. There's some rough-housing that goes on here, so I'll letcha get away with three brawls. A lotta loose talk breezes through here, so you'll wanna keep your ears cocked as well. If you wanna keep up on what's going on in the world, I keep a couple of newspapers lying around here to read."

He points a meaty finger at a chart on the wall and continues.

"Other people put bounties on the ones that done them wrong. You can put up one of your own, chalk's right there on the sill. Me, I've seen it all working here - gimme a decent tip and I'll give ya one right back. But you'd best watch your mouth, punk, or I'll take ya down a notch. I can stand a little abuse, but some things I just don't tolerate."

💪 With that, Tiny flexes a mighty bicep and continues his cleaning.

In the Tavern, you can Brawl another user of higher or up to three levels below you. If you win, you receive one third of the experience points for killing them and any money in their hand. If you lose, your opponent will get the same, and you will be knocked unconscious for anywhere from one to ten minutes. Watch out for those wild punches - your enemy may duck and you will hit an unintended target, who may in turn join in the fracas.

You can also listen to or join in the arguments going on here. A log is kept of the current and previous days' activities for your review. Or you can have an ale and talk to Tiny, who may have some good advice for you. You can also vent frustrations by Swearing at Tiny, but do not make a habit of it or the consequences could be dire.

If you want to exact revenge on someone, but they are too high or low a level for you to do it personally, you can post a Bounty on them, offering an added incentive for another player to do your dirty work. There can only be one active Bounty on a user at any given time. Once another user kills the person you had a Bounty on, they receive your posted cash. If you kill the user that you had a Bounty on, it is lifted.