Party Fights

"There's strength in numbers, but four cowardly gnats like yerself still won't amount to much. Others got the same idea, an' they'll be more than happy to show ye THEIR strength. If ye think yer gang's tough enough, take on the Monster Mash an' see how some REAL partyin's done!"

To get in on Party Fights, you must either join an existing gang or start one of your own. To see if there are any openings, select "L" to list all gangs. Any that have slots saying "-empty-" are available for your membership. Alternately, a gang leader may invite you into a party - you will receive the invitation in your notes when you log on. Listing gangs at this point will show your handle with (Invited) after it in the party into which your presence has been requested. You may want to check the Most Wanted List to ensure that the gang you are about to join does not have a past history of taking a beating on a regular basis. You may resign from a gang, if you have not used your party fight that call.

If you would like to form your own Party, simply select "S". You will then be asked to supply a name for your gang. Once that is complete, you can edit the gang, inviting potential teammates. Do not invite users that are already in a gang - chances are slim they will leave theirs for yours. The perfect gang combination consists of a heavy-hitter (Barbarian, Fighter, or Ranger), poison-using class (Alchemist, Assassin, Thief), magic-using (Sage, Magician, Cleric, Jester), and jack-of-all-trades (Bard or Rogue). Keep this in mind when selecting other members. If you do not invite specific users into the gang, any user has the option of joining.

As gang leader, you may have the option to replace undesirables at any time. If you would like to put someone else in charge, you can use "T" to Transfer Leadership. Fighting your party members in the Arena is allowed, but frowned upon, and the outcome of the engagement can affect your character status, including who takes over as leader.

Any of the four, possible members that have joined the gang may initiate combat with another Party. Only gang members with Alive! status can participate in the gang battle. Any time another Party is defeated, the victors divide the spoils (based on Experience Levels) of all money that was in the losing gang members' hands. If the defeated gang was powerful enough, you will also gain a level. Be sure to use "Y" to check your statistics during battle, and keep in mind that discretion is indeed the better part of valor - if your Party is defeated, you will be logged off. If you are defeated during the fight, your play continues if you go up an Experience Level to get the necessary Hit Points.

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