Becoming Immortal

"Ye really think ye can make it to God status? I doubt ye can even make it to Paladin. I've seen a lot smarter than ye fail, jellyfish."

Your ultimate goal within Dank Domain is to work your way through the Immortal classes: Paladin and Titan, and make it to God status. If you reach level 100 God, you win the game and the board is reset.

Immortal Classes

To advance to the Immortal classes, you must successfully solve the Riddle of the Keys. When you reach Experience Level 100 in any class, you are presented with a locked doorway, and given four keys: platinum, gold, silver, and copper. If you achieve any deed worthy for the Hall of Fame, you are given extra key hints, such as "Key #2 is not silver" . You must then supply which key you will try in the lock. If your guess is correct, you are rewarded with a {Click!} and advanced up to a Paladin class. If not, ^BOOM!^ and you re-roll and select from the lesser classes.

Note you are restricted from re-selecting any played lesser class until you unlock that first doorway to make Paladin.

To attain Titan class, you must unlock the second doorway as a Paladin; to become God class, you must unlock the third doorway as a Titan.

The Taxman escorts you back to the city gates.

"That's it for yer tour, mongrel. I hope ye enjoyed it. I'm sure I'll be seein' ye again real soon," he says in parting, patting his coin pouch.

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