💰 The portly man with the bulging coin purse approaches with his two strong, but inexperienced-looking bodyguards. Without so much as extending his hand, he speaks.

"So ye think ye want to be an adventurer, eh?"

After scanning you over, he continues.

"Certainly don't look the type, all sissified and soft. Ye'll be running for yer wetnurse soon enough, I'll warrant. But if ye want to play with the big boys, ye've come to the right place. Ye want to be rich, famous, an' powerful like the rest, don't ye? Aye, else ye wouldn't be here.

Well, don't be thinkin' this is a cakewalk. Ye'll be payin' yer dues, and there's plenty of 'em to be paid. By the way, me name's Ira Hess. Ye can call me 'Sir' or simply 'Taxman', that's what I does here, but don't let me catch ye badmouthin' me behind me back."

As he turns to leave, he shouts behind him.

"Personally, I don't think ye has what it takes. Best to run yer yellow butt back to where it came from."

Ɗaɳƙ Ɗoɱaiɳ is basically a bulletin board built around a medieval role-playing atmosphere (or is it the other way around?). Instead, you LIVE the online game as you kill, steal, brawl, and joust the other members to gain levels and fortune. The success of this game is dependent upon the users that play it. Your involvment will not only provide you with entertainment, but also shares your activity with the other players. Please take some time to read the other sections and enjoy the game!

➡️ Basics