Magical Items

Magic Spells

Charisma, Intellect, Strength, Dexterity

Each of these will temporarily raise each respective ability from one to ten points each time it is cast, to a maximum of their class allows.

Shield, Hone

These will augment your weapon and armor. Take care not to augment beyond your magic ability!


You are your own wizard in the Dungeon, but extensive use drains playing time. It may be used as a defensive, escape measure in battle.

Heal, Blast

Used to restore lost Hit Points or can inflict a better hit on an opponent.


Brings any dead character back to life, eligible for killing again.


Distracts your immediate opponent in battle, making them miss and their spells fail more often. Its effect diminishes over the course of the engagement.


Permanently changes your opponent's weapon with any augment into something typically to a lesser value.


Restores ALL lost Hit Points.


Summons a fake target for your opponent to engage, instead of taking aim on you.


Completely atomizes your opponent.

NOTE: All spell-casting attempts are subject to failing or even backfiring.

Deeper dungeons carry more advanced magics among its denizens, as both artifacts and spells, that are beyond the old mage skills in the Square.


Armor Rusting, Weapon Decay, Big Blast, Morph; and Mana, Life & Level Stealing


Super Shield & Hone


+Potion+ of Cure Light Wounds

Can restore any lost hit points

-Vial- of Weakness; +Potion+ of Stamina

Affects strength for the play & current level; + character class ability

Vile -Vial-; +Potion+ of Charm

Affects charisma for the play & current level; + character class ability

-Vial- of Stupidity; +Potion+ of Wisdom

Affects intellect for the play & current level; + character class ability

-Vial- of Clumsiness; +Potion+ of Agility

Affects dexterity for the play & current level; + character class ability

-Vial- of Slaad Secretions

Can lose up to half your character's total hit points

+Potion+ of Mana

Can restore any lost spell power

-Flask- of Fire Water

Can lose up to half your character's total spell power

+Elixir+ of Restoration

Can reactivate your abilities, hit points and spell power for the current level

-Vial- of Crack

Can decimate your abilities for the play & current level, and character class ability

+Potion+ of Augment

Can enhance your abilities for the play & current level, and character class ability

πŸ’€ Beaker of Death πŸ’€

Terminates the play

Rings of Power πŸ’

can be taken off a fallen victim, or found in the Dungeon

Atomic βš›οΈ

unique: Can resist all transforming attacks and buff decay

Augmenting πŸ†™

Can enhance active level of ability and melee

Champion πŸ¦„

Can enhance lance handling; awarded by the Crown for attaining a superior Joust winning percentage

Cursed 😠

Can lessen active level of ability

Detection πŸ”Ž

Can detect dungeon objects and identify potions

Elven 🧝

Can enhance dexterous speed attacks, except for an Assassin, Fighter, Ranger, or Demon

Faith ✝️

unique: Can life-steal hit points; added powers for a Cleric, Paladin and God

Forbiddance 🧿

Can prevent an opponent from teleporting away

Hell's Fury πŸ‘Ώ

Can enhance fighting ability, except for a Cleric, Paladin, and God

Infinity ♾️

unique: Can neutralize opponent's rings, while enhancing the power in your rings

Lucky πŸ€

Can enhance charisma ability

Magus 🎱

Can enhance defense against mortal-made attack spells, not incantations

Medusa's 🐍

unique: Can freeze opponent, except against Magus-level spell casters; a Titan's weapon

Moon πŸŒ“

Can absorb mana from opponent, but not against the Undead

Mystic Portal πŸ•³οΈ

unique: Can teleport, anytime, at some personal cost

Nobility πŸ’Έ

Can exempt bearer from paying taxes to the Crown

Ogre πŸ‘Ή

unique: Can add to melee attacks

Shade ⚑

Can enhance stealth ability for 1st swing and stealing, at some personal cost

Undying πŸ–€

unique: Can augment the Undead and provide necromancy; its anti-life power affects a Cleric, Paladin, and God

White Wizard βšͺ

unique: Can enhance defense against every attack spell; can allow the ring bearer to teleport, anytime

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