The Taxman hears your footsteps behind him and turns.

"Didn't heed me advice, worm? All right, but don't say I didn't warn ye. There's some things ye need to know first if ye hope to make it here, not that I think ye will anyway."

Here are some tips worth knowing:

  • Whenever a prompt asks for a user, you can enter a "?" for a listing by level.
  • At prompts preceded by [MAX=], you can just type "max" or "=" rather than enter the entire amount.
  • Defeating a Blessed user transfers their Blessing to you - you will receive +10 bonus points to all your character abilities.
  • Being defeated by a Cursed user will transfer the Curse to you and apply a -10 penalty to all your character abilities.
  • Be sure to spend your money as soon as you get it. The better your equipment, the more money you will get in the Dungeon. Hoarding gold might attract the Taxman.
  • Jousting is a quick way to get some much sought-after cash, especially at the beginning.
  • Do NOT swear anywhere on the system. There are dire consequences to those that do.