"Think ye're a force to reckon with, do ye? Well, the monsters and your fellow grubs will put ye back in yer place, that I assure ye. Better stick to somethin' safe, like joustin'... or needlepoint!"

The arena is the proving grounds, where you test your mettle against monsters and other users. It is relatively safe, as you can retreat at any time, but do not get too complacent - if you wait until you are too far down on Hit Points you may get killed by a powerful blow before you can escape. You can do battle against other users here by typing "U" and providing the levels you want listed. You can only fight someone higher than or up to three levels below you. If you win, you receive experience points, any money they might have in their hand, and their Blessing, if they have one. You will also get their armor and weapon (if it is better than yours). If you are killed, however, your opponent may take your better weapon and/or armor.

When you kill a user, they will remain dead until either they log on again or are Resurrected. If you kill a user of higher level than you, they will only be worth the experience points of your level until they log on again. For example, you kill a level 25 Fighter when you are at level 18. If that player becomes Alive! again, the attacker that kills him again, in the interim, will only gain level 18 experience points.

Several semi-intelligent denizens like to compete for cash and prizes as well. When doing a Monster Fight, start at the bottom and work your way up slowly. You may do up to three Monster or User Fights per call (or any combination thereof).

The Arena also features a jousting field. Here you enter a best-of-five-passes match against a user you specify. Each win increases your Joust Status by two points, each loss decreases it by one point. If you win, you will get a set amount of money, determined by the Experience Level of your opponent. If you lose, your opponent receives the money for your level. You will also gain Joust Status points upon gaining a level. You may joust up to three times per call.

You can also cast a non-combat spell and poison your weapon here to ready yourself for battle. In addition to this, you may type "Y" to bring up a mini-status screen. There is even an alley that leads to the Square, but be forewarned - another user may "accidentally bump" you and pick your pocket here.

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