"If ye want a REAL challenge, go kill some monsters in the Dungeon - that's where the real money lies. If ye're not scared, that is. Best watch out, though, 'cuz there's plenty of surprises to trip ye up. And if ye run into another limp-livered coward like yerself down there, he's like to mistake yer ugly face for a monster and attack. Maybe ye'll even find the Legendary Wishin' Well down there, but ye'd probably mistake it for a chamberpot."

When you enter the Dungeon, you will start on the floor one higher than your Experience Level. Each maze-like level will vary in size; the lower you go, the possibility of a larger floor size. The top half of your screen holds a top-view of the current dungeon floor. The player's position is highlighted using hero, weapon, and armor status symbols . The bottom half of the screen is for a rolling, text display. The prompts will guide the player along their adventure. Please note that the dungeon will accept most cursor keys as a substitute for the directions, North, South, East, West.

The Dungeon is filled with monsters to slay, most of them commensurate in might to the Dungeon level. On occasion, though, a more powerful creature will work its way up to one of the higher levels, so watch out. Sometimes you will find another user on the Dungeon level matching their Experience Level. Some monsters keep maps of the Dungeon level they are on. If you find one, you will be able to display all rooms on that level. If your Intellect is above 50, you will be able to keep a map of all the rooms you have been in. A key follows:

    • YOU - the hero.

    • ѩ - a room inhabited by a monster.

    • ѩӂѩ - a room inhabited by a mob of monsters!

    • _✟_ - the old cleric, who can heal or cure your wounds (usually for a price).

    • _↨_ - the wizard, who can teleport you out of the Dungeon, down (or up) a level, or randomly to a room on the current Dungeon level.

    • vVv - magic portal to descend even deeper into the dank dungeon for higher risks & rewards. Teleporting out ascends, not escapes.

    • - a dungeon thief, invisible without magical means.

There are many other items you can find as well. Potions of all types can be found in empty chambers and hidden caves. But beware: sometimes a monster or an armor-spoiling 🦇 bat may be lurking in the shadows of these "safe" rooms too. There are many other dungeon items, both mortal and magical, to discover that can not be purchased in the Square.

And there are other chance encounters with other creatures and travelers in the Dungeon. Pay attention to what your character observes and describes. You will find that the deeper and more dank you explore, the more exotic the engagements to go with the gains in its rewards.


- Novice

- Alchemist

- Assassin

- Barbarian

- Bard

- Cleric

- Fighter

- Jester

- Magician

- Ranger

- Rogue

- Sage

- Thief

- Paladin

- Titan

- God


Ѫ - Beast

- Demon

- Dragon

- Lizard

- Psionic

🕱 - Undead

🜟 - Ogre


- potion

- trapdoor

- dungeon thief

- dwarven merchant

- wheel of life

- wishing well

- witch

- poison

- magic device

- Marauder's map

- treasure chest

- armor special

- weapon special

- magic special

- magic ring