Naval Battles

"No, this area don't deal with yer bellybutton, knave. We're talkin' ships here. Get yerself a REAL ship instead of that little dinghy an' ye might be able to bring back a seamonster carcass an' sell it. Or ye can do battle against another mangy cur like yerself and lay claim to their booty. But if ye think ye'll be doin' some fishin' for relaxation, think again!"

In the Naval Area, you must first visit the Shipyard to buy a boat once you have saved up enough money. You can then arm it with a ram and one cannon per 50 Hull Points. Once you have made your purchase, you can hunt either denizens of the deep or other users. Hitting "L" will display which users have ships, as well as how powerful those ships are. Each time you log on your Hull Points are restored, though lost Hull Points can be repaired in the Shipyard during the same call.

From this menu you can also fish, which will yield some interesting results. Let's not spoil the fun by telling everything that can be caught, but the higher your Charisma, the better chance of catching beneficial items.