Other Options

"There's some other things ye can do here too, so don't let me catch ye sittin' around not doin' anythin'. Ye got two minutes on the sundial to make a decision, then ye'll be escorted to the city limits for malingerin'."

The following lists some options from the Main Menu not previously covered.

Library: Halls of History

Allows varying lists to display users that have obtained the best scores in several categories.

Most Wanted List

This command displays the top users in descending order of level.

Rob/Burglarize other users

By using this command you can attempt to steal money from another user. When you do, their possessions will be slightly downgraded. There is a chance that the user robbed from will be informed who did the deed. The better the real estate and security of your target, the longer it will take for you to break in, and the better the chance the city guard will catch you in the act.

User Configuration

This allows you to change your terminal emulation, number of rows displayed, and password.

X-terminate: Reroll

This option resets your character and allows you to select a new class. Note that you do not get credit for this type of reroll; and if used as an Immortal class, you lose the option of selecting that class again.

Your Statistics

This displays in-depth character information and where you stand in playing achievements. For an amount of money based on your level, you can Hire a Scout to show the character statistics for another user.

System Status

Displays hosting information.