"Ye'll need to be doin' some shoppin' if ye stand a chance of survival. Not a high one, mind ye, but a chance. Of course, once ye get some coinage saved up, I expect ye'll be doin' yer part to keep this fine city runnin'!"

The Square is your character's online shopping mall. The 🛡️ Armoury and 🗡️ Weapon Shoppe allow you to buy and sell the tools of your trade.

🏦 Iron Bank is a relatively safe place to store your excess cash, though it has been known to be robbed on occasion. When you are short on cash, the banker may even see their way clear to grant you a loan based on your Real Estate and Security assets. If you are feeling lucky, you can try to Rob the Bank, but the chance is very slim, as the Bank hires the best of security.

🔏 Real Estate and Security are very important - they help to keep you from getting robbed by other users, and used to measure your character's standing in the domain.

🏥 And you will probably be paying more than a few visits to Butler Hospital, where you can heal your wounds for a small fee. If you cannot afford to heal all your Hit Points, the Hospital will sympathize and take a loan out for you from the Bank. You can try to Pick Pockets in this busy sector, if you are careful not to get caught by the city guard. And you can take the alley leading back to the Arena.

☠️ The Apothecary sells poison, which will enhance your blade in battle. The more expensive the poison, the better the damage, though some of the lesser weapons can not hold a good dose of the better poisons. Classes unfamiliar with the use of poison must pay extra for a special blend which has been magicked to adhese to the blade, while those very familiar with the application of poison may be able to get several doses out of one small vial. The Apothecary has preconceived notions about certain classes, however, and will not sell poison to certain character classes for fear of being reported to the authorities.

📜 In the Mages Guild, you can buy magical wands, scrolls, or spells, depending on which your class uses. As more energy must be expended to create wands, they cost considerably more and may become inoperative after each use. Scrolls are cheaper, but may also be consumed in the casting as are wands. If your class is fortunate enough to use spells, you only need to buy each once and it will stick with you until you reach Immortality. Each spell is described in Magic Items.