Ability Ratings

"Aye, but ye're a weak one, ain't ye? Ye better pu on some pounds before ye takes on the likes of me an' me men. Oh, don't look so surprised, cur. I'll be back around when ye get somethin' worth taxin'. And if yer some kind of treasonous scum who don't want to help keep this fine city runnin', ye'll have to cut through me an' the boys before enterin'."

Your abilities consist of Experience Level, Hit Points, Spell Power, Strength, Intellect, Dexterity, and Charisma. Each is described below.

Experience Level

This indicates how powerful in your class you are. You raise levels by gaining experience points for killing monsters and other users. With each increase in level, you will gain more Hit Points, Spell Power (if used by your class), and a bonus to the four characteristics.

When you defeat another character, their experience level will lower to match yours until their next visit. If your character does not play regularly, it will be downgraded to zero until your next visit.

Hit Points

This measures a character's durability. The more Hit Points you have, the more damage you can take. When your Hit Points are down, you can raise them by visiting Butler Hospital, gaining an experience level, or casting Heal or Cure. Each time you log on your Hit Points are restored to full.

Spell Power

This is how much magical energy a character has at their disposal. If the character class uses spells or scrolls, there will be an accompanying Spell Power requirement for casting each. Those classes that use wands do not have to expend any force to invoke them.


This tracks how hard a character hits. Characters with higher Strength gain more Hit Points when advancing in Experience Levels. More Strength yields more damage in melee attacks.


This statistic comes into play mainly in casting and resisting magic. It is also calculated into approximating an opponent's Hit Points and ability to remember visited dungeon levels. Bonus Spell Power is awarded to those with a high Intellect upon gaining a level.


Your overall fighting ability is measured by how dexterous you are. It is used to calculate who gets the first attack in a battle round, whether a hit was made, jousting ability, and in other applicable instances.


A high Charisma will get you more money when selling items in the Square and from defeated foes. Some of the random events that occur tend to favor those with a high Charisma as well.

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